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Messenger Newsletter

Reach customers in the messenger application they already love using – Facebook Messenger. Stay in touch with your customers and keep them up to date on your latest news.

Send newsletters directly to the ever-popular Facebook Messenger inbox

Create a dynamic newsletter that subscribers can easily access and even respond to

Harness the popularity of Messenger

Messaging applications have become the preferred mode of communication - Messenger counts 1.3 billion monthly active users.

Increase open rates

Messenger open rates consistently outperform email. Our Messenger opening rates exceed 90% and CTRs are over 25%.

Keep pace with subscribers

Modernize your business communication with Messenger newsletters, and reach customers in an inbox they already check.

How do Messenger Newsletters work?

Approach your subscribers in Messenger to get your news across - encourage communication, and save time and resources

Create a dialogue

Emails only transfer information in one direction, while Messenger creates a channel for two-way communication. Use our Broadcast feature to send content directly to subscribers, such as links, videos, images, etc. that subscribers can respond or reply to.

Increase your subscriber number

Our platform includes a unique Growth Tools package to help you increase your subscriber number. Lead users to your Messenger channel from your website, Facebook page, or even offline, where they can (double) opt-in to your messages.

Save time with automated messages

We know that resources can be limited. We developed automated processes to make Messenger Marketing scalable. Whether your goal is gaining subscribers, importing distributable content, or sending messages, Chatvisor has you covered.

Use features within Messenger to define, measure, and surpass your goals

Create a smarter newsletter and make Messenger work for your business

    interactive experiance
  • interactive experiance

    Interactive experiences

    Get creative - create interactive user experiences using elements like buttons for quizzes and more.

  • interactive experiance
  • accurate targetting

    Message targeting

    Send each subscriber relevant content. Target by gender, language, subscribed category, individual segments, or tags. You can also add tags to users who interact with certain buttons or links.

  • interactive experiance
  • analyze success

    Define and analyze success

    The success of every growth metric, broadcast, or button can be measured, giving you base numbers to improve upon.

  • interactive experiance
  • personalized conversation

    Personalized Conversations

    Keep conversations personal to drive engagement and brand loyalty. By adding "{firstname}" to your Broadcast, each message will include your user’s first name in the body of the message.

    interactive experiance
  • content synchronization

    Content synchronization

    Automatically synchronize content with Chatvisor. Our built-in article management is compatible with most standardized feeds, including Shopify.

  • interactive experiance
  • automation scheduling

    Automation & Scheduling

    Automate message sequences to lead users toward a goal. Schedule broadcasts and drip campaigns to free up time for your team.

  • interactive experiance
  • community insights

    Community insights

    By interacting with subscribers via Messenger, you can see your community in a new light. You can even conduct market research through polls.

Extend your functionality

In just a few clicks, you can equip your Messenger channel with additional capabilities

Analytics Dashboard

Keep your metrics in order – see all important data points in one spot.

Article Management

Use our article management system to synchronize and categorize the content you want to send to subscribers.

Broadcast Statistics

Use detailed analytics and statistics to see where recipients unsubscribed, and optimize the experience for the future.

Broadcast targeting

Target your Messenger community by interest, user behavior, gender, etc.


Trigger an autoresponder when users send messages containing a pre-defined keyword. The autoresponder tool can be used for growth as well as support purposes.

Checkbox Plugin

This plugin is best situated in contact forms. After submitting the form, users will receive trigger message in Messenger.

Comment Watcher

Use the Comment Watcher feature to automatically send a message to users when they comment on a specific Facebook post.

Facebook click to Messenger Ads

Direct users to Messenger to drive up your subscriber number. After clicking on the ad, the user receives a message with a CTA, triggering a modeled conversation.

Facebook Messenger Codes

Messenger Codes are similar to QR-Codes and can be scanned by users offline. After scanning, trigger a specific Chatbot interaction to better describe the product, lead to a subscription opt-in, etc.

Send to Messenger Button

Put a Messenger button on your website that leads users to your channel.


Add customers to a sequence, or series of messages, which is sent to the user periodically on a pre-set basis.