Messenger Marketing

Stay in touch with your customers and keep them up to date – all in Messenger. Unleash the marketing potential lying in messengers to drive sales and brand building.

Grow a messenger community in no time

Generate messenger newsletter subscribers from different starting points. Power your numbers efficiently from your website, Facebook Page or even offline presence.

Deliver interactive experiences to engage

Messengers are capable of more than just messaging. Buttons and other interactive elements lay the base for fun and emotionalizing campaigns - quizzes, challenges, etc.

Less effort through automation strategies

Create drip campaigns, queue up a series of messages that give leads everything they need to take the next step. Every interaction with your content can trigger the perfect next step automatically.

Send individualized messages and right content

Precisely target your messenger newsletter to deliver the right content to the right people. Through dynamic content blocks, recipients receive only what they’re interested in.

Measure your success for continuous improvement

You only can improve what you can measure. Keep track over the success of every feature you use and campaign you launch. Learn in detail what people liked and where they broke the interaction.

Increase conversions through high awareness

Messengers are the most common way people communicate today. This causes maximum awareness and allows open rates (> 90 %) and click rates (25 %) well beyond average.

Execute Messenger Marketing sucessfully

To make impact right away, you need to gather subscribers in Messenger. Chatvisor provides you with all necessary gadgets to bolster this number. Through seven different Growth Actions you lead users to your Messenger channel and turn them into Messenger subscribers by allowing them to opt-in for future messages. The different Growth Actions lead customers from different starting points – Facebook Page, Instagram Channel, Website or offline presence – to your Messenger channel. After a user got redirected through a Growth Action, a private Messenger (chatbot) conversation will be initiated. According the user’s interaction, the conversation can lead the user through a pre-set opt-in process where he can subscribe to your Messenger news or different categories you’d like to provide content to.

Growth Tools Automation

Growth Tool

Use your community and provide them with great content like informational blogposts, offers, etc. Messengers are the favorite way of communication today, this results in tremendous opening and click rates. When coupling this metrics with great content, great success is programmed. We made Broadcasting as intuitive as it can be. Organized in a modular principle companies can create awesome messenger experiences using everything these channels have to offer (videos, images, product carousels, …). Delivering the right content to the right customers is naturally important. We equipped Chatvisor with rich targeting options. Target by subscribed category, on base of user interactions, gender or let our AI based targeting find the right recipients for your content.


Since you only can improve what you can measure, Chatvisor provides you with detailed statistics on how growth actions, broadcasts (messenger newsletters) and other features performed. For all Growth Actions, the platform gives answers on questions like:

  1. How many users interacted with a certain Growth Action?
  2. How many users were converted to subscribers/ran trough Messenger conversation as expected?

Broadcast statistics deliver from basic insights like opening and general click rates up to more in-depth details like Messenger customer journeys telling which buttons/links were popular and which weren’t.


Grow users automatically. Schedule and automate broadcasting. We put a lot of effort into automating Messenger Marketing so save resources and have more success. Import your content automatically to Chatvisor. Sync products from webshop, articles from blog using the article management integration and eliminate redundant work. Create drip campaigns and send planned sequences of messages over time after specific user interactions.

Comment Watcher

The Comment Watcher automatically opens a conversation in Messenger with users who comment a specific Facebook Post. This means after commenting they’ll receive a message of your page directly in their Messenger Inbox. If the user replies with the right keyword, the conversation continues and After Actions (opt-in process, flow, …) can be triggered.

Auto Responder

The Auto Responder triggers an After Action when users send you a message containing a keyword which you’ve defined. The Auto Responder cannot just be used as an instrument for growth but also for support purposes. In context of growth you best use the Auto Responder like that: define a keyword which people should send to you in your Messenger channel, which will trigger the opt-in process.

Facebook Ad Integration

With the "Click to Messenger" Facebook ad, you direct users to your Messenger channel. When a user clicks the ad in their news feed, a conversation opens in Messenger. There, the customer receives a message with a CTA button. When the user clicks the CTA button, a modeled conversation (chatbot) follows to win subscribers or start games like a bot quiz.

Send To Button

The "Send to Messenger" button can be embedded on your website. When a user clicks it, he’ll receive the After Action in Messenger you want to provide – e.g. opt-in process, flow, etc. Chatvisor will create a short code snippet which you can copy & paste to your website.

Checkbox Plugin

The Checkbox Plugin works best in a contact form. Users that check the checkbox and submit the form (through button) will receive the After Action in Messenger you want to provide – e.g. opt-in process, flow, etc. Chatvisor will create a short code snippet which you can copy & paste to your website.

Referral Code

The Facebook Messenger Code is a great way to lead people to your Messenger channel from offline presences. You can use these codes in print campaigns, in your shop or on events. When a user scans the code, a specific chatbot interaction will be triggered.

Broadcast- / Flow Builder

Our intuitive chatbot builder lets you create awesome user experiences in Facebook Messenger. Engage with people by creating interactive broadcasts, creative quizzes and more! We keep things as easy as possible, no coding needed – just connect your Facebook Page and you’ll be good to go.

Broadcast Statistics

You only can improve what you can measure. Chatvisor provides you with detailed analytics and stats to your broadcasts and other features. Learn where your message recipients dropped out and optimize the experience of future messages.

Article Management

The platform provides you with an independent, out-of-the-box article management system. If you do have a shop, blog or site, Chatvisor can synchronize and categorize (according to your shop/site) all your content into its article management system.


Create marketing funnels in Messenger. When a customer shows interest for something, he can be added to a sequence. A sequence is a series of messages, which will be sent over time to user who showed the interest.

Analytics Dashboard

All your progress visible at a glance. Learn how your metrics - subscriber number, growth triggers, messages read, etc. - develop.

Broadcast Targeting

There are several ways to target your messages within your Messenger community. Target by interest category, user behavior and/or other metrics like gender.

Are you ready to boost your engagement?

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