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Stay in touch with your customers and keep them up to date – all in Messenger. Profit from the fact that people love to communicate in Messenger.


Messaging Apps like Facebook Messenger are the preferred way people communicate today. This causes maximum attention on these channels. With Chatvisor, your business becomes part of this communication. The focus on these channels reflects on the success our customers have with Facebook Messenger. Together with them, we’re experiencing consistent opening rates over 90 % and average click rates around 25 %.

The three core aspects of the Messenger Newsletter are:


Getting Subscribers

The platform provides you with seven different “Growth Tools” which help you power your subscriber number. From different starting points like your website, FB Page or even offline they lead users to your Messenger channel where they can (double) opt-in for future messages:


Sending Messages

Chatvisor reveals the full potential of Messengers. Other than emails, which are communicating one-way, Messengers encourage engagement and interactions. The Broadcast feature allows you to send content you like to share – links to your website, texts, videos, images, etc.



Since we know that resources are always limited, we understand the importance of automating processes to make Messenger Marketing scalable. Whether it’s about gaining subscribers, importing your content, sending messages – Chatvisor is always ready to have you covered.

  • interactive experiance
    Interactive Experiences

    Other than Emails, Messengers leave room for creativity. Create binding user experiences using interactive elements like buttons for quizzes and more.

  • accurate targetting
    Accurate Targeting

    Send relevant content. Target by gender, language, subscribed category, individual segments or tags. Add tags to users who interact with certain buttons or links.

  • analyze success
    Analyze your Success

    You only can improve what you can measure. Every growth tool’s, every broadcast’s or button’s success can be measured, setting the basis for future success.

  • personalized conversation
    Personalized Conversations

    Keep conversations personal to drive engagement and brand loyalty. Adding for example "{firstname}" to your broadcast, will substitute for "Max".

  • content synchronization
    Content Synchronization

    Automatically synchronize content with Chatvisor. The built-in article management is compatible to most standardized feeds. There’s a Shopify integration too.

  • automation scheduling
    Automation & Scheduling

    Automate sequences of messages to automatically lead users towards a funnel or a certain goal. Schedule broadcasts and drip campaigns for simplification.

  • community insights
    Community Insights

    By sending newsletters in Messengers, you’ll be able to see your community from a brand-new perspective. You can even do market research through votings.

  • tool messengers
    One Tool, two Messengers

    Chatvisor integrates both, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Use the two most successful Messengers for you.

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