Become a Partner

At Chatvisor, we are a leading technology company to make company-customer communication digital(-first), efficient and an overall great experience. We believe that shared success is greater success and look forward to getting in touch with you.

Why partner with Chatvisor

As the digital world evolves, we’re evolving alongside it. We envision ourselves as more than a technology provider – we are a partner in tackling real-world problems with lasting solutions. We launched the Chatvisor partner program to leverage the potential of impact Chatvisor can make around the globe by making company-customer communication as easy as possible. We look forward to share success with anyone that is dedicated to help this cause.

Benefits you can expect

Proven technology

Our technologies meet the requirements of highly regulated and secure environments. Companies of all sizes use Chatvisor to improve their customer communication efforts.

Option to white label

Seamlessly integrate Chatvisor technologies in your existing platform to enrich your capabilities – but at the same time sell as if it was all yours.

On-premise capability

The Chatvisor setup is agnostic to any given infrastructure. Deploy Chatvisor within a local data center on-premise, or host in a private cloud.

Shared know-how

Get your team started fast with frequently updated, given templates of marketing material and copy. Get onboarded by our team to eliminate all questions.

Dedicated contact person

We want to invest in your success with Chatvisor. From the first setup to every potential challenge or requirement – a dedicated partner manager will be there to help.

Continuous improvement

When you partner with us, you can be sure that you are investing in a product that is steadily being improved and expanded.

Partnership Models

We are happy to discuss any partnership model - so far, the following models emerged and proven successful

Referral Partner

You know your industry in and out, and you can get us in touch with the right people within potential Chatvisor clients?

OEM & Technology Partner

You see a complementary fit between Chatvisor and your product, and want to extend your functionalities with Chatvisor technology?

Reselling Partner

You see the market potential of Chatvisor and want to profit from selling our leading, continuously evolving platform?

Interested in cooperation?