How to ask users to subscribe?

With addition of the “Ask for a Subscription”-function (Ask4Sub) you can ask users who interacted with you on Messenger if they want to subscribe to one or some of your categories. So let’s take a closer look on how that works! There are three ways of doing that with Chatvisor: Send Ask4Sub via Broadcast Send Ask4Sub via LiveChat Add Ask4Sub as an action to your Comment Watcher ##1) Send Ask4Sub via Broadcast

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Growth Tools - Overview

To reach more users, Chatvisor offers great growth tools. With them you will be able to grow your contacts / your community way faster than usual. At the moment we offer four tools: Automatically reply to comments with a private message Embed Send to Messenger button on your shop/site Embed Subscribe” Messenger button on your shop/site Referrals Comment Watcher With this tool you can’t just message someone who sent you a message first, but also everyone who comments on one of your Facebook posts.

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Success Story- VARENA

How could the mall VARENA in Upper Austria gain over 200 Messenger subscribers within a day? Easy – by using Chatvisor’s Comment Watcher! The Comment Watcher (for detailed information click here) initiates Messenger contact with users, who comment on a specific Facebook Post and offers the option to automatically lead a conversation into offering the user a subscription. In VARENA’s example, they posted a raffle, which had 800 commenters in one day – Chatvisor turned 200 of them into subscribers!

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