Comment Watcher

Best Practice - INTERSPORT Austria

When it’s about using Chatvisor’s Comment Watcher the right way, our partner INTERSPORT Austria shows a very effective variaton. INTERSPORT regularly posts raffles on Facebook. When doing so they’re using the advantages the Comment Watcher offers. At the end of March, we realized the third campaign together with INTERSPORT. During the “Home of Bike” campaign a big raffle was posted on Facebook, where Chatvisor automatically delivered an instant win to all participants directly in Facebook Messenger.

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Gain subscribers due to raffles

Comment Watcher To better understand the system of our Comment Watcher, here a visualization of all relationships and flows: The user comments your Facebook Post (which can be a raffle) on your Facebook Page. When your page is connected with Chatvisor, our platform receives notifications from Facebook always then, when a user comments one of your postings. Have you additionally created a Comment Watcher to screen a certain post, our platform replies to commenting users with a text message you previously defined.

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