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Grow your user base and deliver Messenger newsletters

Introduction Chatvisor allows you to connect with your customers in Facebook Messenger. Our software extends Messenger with a subscriber model, so you can market and provide news in Messenger. Getting users to subscribe while causing no additional work is one of our main targets. Therefore, we developed Growth Tools to automatically lead Facebook users to your Messenger channel. One of the most effective tools in that regard is the Comment Watcher - which we will take a closer look at in this post.

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My Comment Watcher

Introduction Emails no longer really provide their intended results. Marketing strategists answered this by focussing more and more on social media, especially Facebook. Today a big number of businesses is very active on Facebook. Since the space on the news feed of every user is limited to a point, no longer every post of your page reaches your follower. In fact, only 16 % of your followers will find your post in their newsfeed.

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Success Story- VARENA

How could the mall VARENA in Upper Austria gain over 200 Messenger subscribers within a day? Easy – by using Chatvisor’s Comment Watcher! The Comment Watcher (for detailed information click here) initiates Messenger contact with users, who comment on a specific Facebook Post and offers the option to automatically lead a conversation into offering the user a subscription. In VARENA’s example, they posted a raffle, which had 800 commenters in one day – Chatvisor turned 200 of them into subscribers!

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