Creating newsletter categories and articles

Creating newsletter categories and articles is actually pretty simple. So lets start with why you would want to create categories and articles in the first place and look at the how to in a second step. Benefits of creating newsletter categories: Creating value for subscribers as they have the opportunity to select which topics they would like to get news about and which not. Opportunity for you to learn more about your customers preferences Makes it easy for you to create target/ interest groups Makes it easy for you to create relevant content for your target groups

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Feature Release: Flows

With Flows, Chatvisor allows more interactivity in chat. “Flows” are sequences which are similar to a decision tree and allow users to shape the conversation by making decisions. This leads to a way more personal and interactive user experience and ensures that subscribers only receive content they’re really interested in. In the app you can find Flows in the main menu and on various other points like after actions and broadcasts.

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