Use Case - How to create your own Facebook newsletter

Introduction Using Chatvisor you can send articles or simple messages. To create the best user experience possible, we recommend using articles rather than simple messages. Articles in Facebook Messenger look like this: In order to send articles to your community, you first need to get them to the Chatvisor platform – this happens either manually or automated read more. In case you are a Shopify user, you can synchronize your content with our system by installing our Shopify Plugin read more.

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Broadcasts in detail

Introduction Getting information to your followers and customers is what our platform is all about. In case you’re not sure that Facebook Messenger is the channel to go, make sure to also read this article: click here Chatvisor offers a unique combination of features to make keeping your users up-to-date as easy and user friendly as possible for you. With Broadcasts you can send your articles articles? to your followers in a beautiful way.

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Broadcasting with Chatvisor

With our broadcast-function, you send your content either manually or automated via chat. In combination with our implemented subscription model, you keep your followers up to date and well informed. As another corner stone of our system broadcasts are the way you get your information to your subscribers. In Messenger they come in a very useful format, having a preview picture, a description, a price (optionally) and a link to the respective news article/blog post etc.

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