Advance your online marketing and get more users with Facebook Messenger Codes

Facebook Messenger Codes and their benefits for your marketing I’m sure you have seen them already somewhere: Facebook Messenger Codes aka Referral Codes. Truth be told, they work exactly like normal QR-Codes or Snapcodes and are simply pictures that contain a certain link. Messenger Codes make it easy for your users to send you messages. They can be scanned using the Messenger app and will let your users start a conversation with you in Messenger.

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Live Chat - better support for more subscribers on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger: How to give your users the best support experience and increase your subscribers using Live Chat. Since Facebook started to focus on the development of Messenger, its usage has steadily been increasing. Compared to traditional emails, Messenger conversations have a clearer structure, are easier to follow and users receive responses faster. To get the most out of your Messenger experience, Chatvisor implemented a Live Chat feature to further increase your support possibilities.

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