Redefine Customer Engagement

We believe in a business world with strong, meaningful and personal relationships between companies and their customers. With Chatvisor you’ll create lasting connections with customers through messengers and elevate your online customer service efforts to the next level.

Facebook Messenger


Messenger Marketing Suite

Individual, scalable 1on1-Communication

Keep your customers, your audience updated with your latest news, upcoming events and valuable content. Chatvisor covers the whole picture from getting people effectively to your Messenger channel, allowing them to opt-in and managing the content you’d like to be delivered.


Customer Support Suite

Deliver best possible Support Experiences

Chatvisor Browsxp Cobrowse creates an optimal customer and agent experience by allowing real time screen sharing during a customer interaction. It is easily launched, works without downloads while maintaining customer privacy and security. Chatvisor Browsxp Cobrowse helps companies elevate their customer service and meet sales goals.

Why Facebook Messenger?

When interacting with friends and family, Messaging-Apps are the preferred way of communication today. Therefore, companies should think of integrating these channels for customer communication to actively inform about news and to support. The numbers don't lie:

  • 1.3 Billion

    Active Users

  • > 90 %

    Open Rate

  • ø 25 %

    Click Rate


GDPR compliant per default

Due to the GDPR, EU citizens receive more extensive, clear formulated rights to control their personal data. By default, Chatvisor is compliant to all individual citizen rights and assures that EU citizen data stays within the EU.

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